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Touring a Gentle Giant in Hinton

HINTON (WVVA) – The Corps of Engineers at the Bluestone Dam opened the facility to the public Thursday.

"We think it's important to try to open our gates and talk to our visitors and tell them where their tax dollars are being sent and the importance of the work we are doing here," stated Dean Bonifacio, Resource Manager at Bluestone Lake.

Construction of the dam began in 1942.

Work was suspended during World War II and resumed in 1946. Completion of the operational process was in 1949 bringing the total cost of construction to approximately $30,000,000.

Today people as far away as Oregon came to Bluestone to tour this beast of a facility.  

Rachel Simonsen, who was raised in Hinton, planned her vacation around the tour date. "It's interesting to go in and think about the people that have worked there and to see how the things work and how they prevent flooding."

The Corps of Engineers provide free guided tours of Bluestone Dam during the months of June, July and August.

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