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WV Lawmakers comment on US action in Syria



BECKLEY, W. Va (WVVA)-- Lawmakers in West Virginia are taking a stance on how they feel about a potential US strike on Syria.

WVVA spoke with Congressman Nick Rahall Wednesday. He says he supports a strike, with some limitations.

Number one, he says, would be no US soldiers on the ground.

Rahall understands some West Virginians' concerns about a potential attack, but fears for the safety of the American people and our allies in the region if we do not take military action.  

He cited the president's meeting with Senators Graham and McCain earlier in the week. 

"They were hinting pretty strongly that the President had a strategy to follow up any military strike that we make," said Rahall, "And by a strategy, I mean which is again a big difference from the Iraq War, there's a strategy here to follow up with help to the Syrian opposition."

The Congressman said President Obama is expected to speak about this from the Oval Office in the next ten days.  

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