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Bland County Schools Amp Security

BLAND (WVVA) – Bland County Schools received a School Security Equipment Grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia on Wednesday.

Governor Bob McDonnell awarded $6 million in Grants to improve safety and security for students and teachers in 459 Virginia schools and regional education programs.

Bland County Superintendent, Kyle Rhodes says, "We are not immune to all of the concerns that we see across the nation just because we are a rural community but I think we've got to be pro-active and be attentive to insure the security of our youngsters."

Engineers will be at Bland High School starting Thursday to get measurements for security systems on all entrance doors.

This Grant provides 70% of the funding needed for this system; Rhodes says they will use funds from the facility budget to pay for the rest.  

Students say they think this is a good thing. "Anybody can drive through here and just pull off the interstate and crazy things happen and you never know what's going to happen but it just makes me feel reassured," stated Mason Christian, a junior at Bland High School.

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