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Right of Way Agreements with Forged Signatures Alarm Residents, Slow Sewer Project

TAZEWELL (WVVA) – The Drytown Sewer Project is back on track after an investigation by the Town of Tazewell.

Town Manager, Todd Day says he was contacted by a local attorney whose client had not signed an easement. However, the signature was on the document. "In investigating, we found an easement that was actually signed," says Day.

Thompson and Litton, an engineering firm in Tazewell is the company in charge of getting the easements.

Day says through their investigation, an employee of the firm had forged the signatures and had the documents notarized by an employee who also worked at Thompson and Litton.

According to Day, the employees have had disciplinary actions taken and are no longer employed.

We contacted Thompson and Litton who requested not to speak of the situation. However, Ron Helton, a spokesperson for Thompson and Litton released this statement: "Thompson and Litton's focus at this time is to obtain all documents so that this construction can commence."

Residents of the Drytown area say they are shocked someone would do this. "I can not believe anyone would think they could sign a land document deeding your property away without being found out," said Charles Vernon.

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