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National Immunization Awareness Month wraps up; are you vaccinated?


BECKLEY (WVVA) -- We're getting close to the end of August, also close to the end of National Immunization Awareness Month.

Health experts are encouraging the public to get vaccinated.

They're not just for kids, people from all ages can get vaccines to ward of serious diseases including the flu and tetanus.  Plus there's one less common that some people should consider.

"Shingles, that's important too. If you've not had the shingles, there's a good possibility.  I think the ladies' statistic show that one out of three will get a case of shingles before they expire, before they get too old," says Jim Lowe, a physician's assistant at Horizon Medical Center.

In most school districts, kids cannot go back to school unless they're updated on their vaccines.  Check with your pediatrician or school to be sure. 

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