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Southwest Va. miners recognized for safety


Big Stone Gap, VA – Thirty-four Virginia coal mines worked a combined total of 3.3 million employee hours without a lost time accident in 2012.  Fifty-four coal mine employees from various companies worked from 10 to 44 years without missing a day of work due to an accident.  All of these mines and miners were recognized recently for their extraordinary safety achievements with awards presented by the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) on behalf of the Virginia Mine Safety Board.

"It is important to recognize the significant safety achievements of Virginia's coal mines and their employees," said DMME Director Conrad Spangler.  "At a time when our coal industry faces a number of challenges, it is clear that mine management and individual miners are focusing on safety at all levels of their operations in surface and underground mines and other facilities." 

                Six mines took first place honors in the following categories: (County)

  • Dominion Coal Corporation, Mine No. 44 – 176,189 employee hours (Buchanan), Large Underground Mine
  • SANW Inc., SANW Mine #3 – 36,863 employee hours (Buchanan), Medium Underground Mine
  • Dacoal Mining, Inc., Mine No. 5 – 23,374 employee hours (Buchanan), Small Underground Mine
    • Extra Energy, Virginia Point No. 1 Surface Mine  – 317,889 employee hours (Tazewell), Large Surface Mine
    • Appalachian Contractors Inc., #5 Surface Mine  – 45,704 employee hours (Wise), Medium Surface Mine
    • Dominion Coal Corporation, Dominion Central Shop – 23,374 employee hours (Buchanan), Small Surface Mine

Surface Facility working 5 consecutive years with no lost time accidents

  • Paramont Coal Company VA, LLC, Red Onion Strip – 782,958 employee hours (Wise)

Underground Facility working 3 consecutive years with no lost time accidents

  • SANW Inc., SANW Mine No. 1 – 112,725 employee hours (Buchanan)
  • Four O Mining Corporation, No. 10 – 68,162 employee hours (Dickenson)

Photos of all winning companies and miners can be viewed on the DMME website at Division of Mines Chief Randy Moore visited the management and employees at the winning mines to present the safety awards.  Division of Mines safety staff, field inspectors and supervisors also participated in the presentations in recognition of each company and each miner's achievement. 

The safety awards are given annually by the DMME on behalf of the Virginia Mine Safety Board.  The Board is appointed by the Governor to advise DMME on matters relating to the health and safety of persons working in Virginia's coal industry.  It is also designated as the official regulatory work committee for DMME on all coal mine health and safety regulations not under the jurisdiction of the Board of Coal Mining Examiners, which addresses certification of workers.

**Additional Awards Presented in All Categories

Company Awards Large Underground

  • Cumberland River Coal Company, Pine Branch #1 – 168,765 employee hours (Wise)
  • Dickenson Russell Coal Company, Roaring Fork No. 4 – 85,146 employee hours (Dickenson.)

Company Awards Medium Underground

  • SANW Inc., SANW Mine #1 – 35,595 employee hours (Buchanan)
  • Bristol Coal Corporation, No. 9 – 31,893 employee hours (Dickenson)
  • Four-O Mining Corporation, No. 8 – 29,850 employee hours (Dickenson)
  • Capital Coal Corporation, No. 8 – 28,842 employee hours (Dickenson)
  • Black Diamond Coal Company, Mine No. 1 – 27,049 employee hours (Buchanan)

Company Awards Small Underground

  • N&N Mining, No. 1 – 21,705 employee hours (Buchanan)

Company Awards Large Surface

  • Clintwood Elkhorn Mining Company, Laurel Branch Surface – 179,081 employee hours (Buchanan)
  • Twin Star Mining, Lower Elk Creek – 147,715 employee hours (Buch. Co.)
  • Paramont Coal Company VA, LLC, Red Onion Surface – 130,882 employee hours (Wise)
  • Jewell Smokeless Coal Corporation, Coronet Jewell Prep Plant No. 2 – 124,886 employee hours (Buchanan)
  • Pigeon Creek Processing Corporation, Plant No. 1 – 112,119 employee hours (Wise)
  • Paramont Coal Company VA, LLC, Southfork – 99,288 employee hours (Wise)
  • Dickenson Russell Coal Company, LLC, McClure River Prep Plant – 96,515 employee hours (Dickenson)
  • Omega Surface Mining, LLC, Hill Creek Surface – 82,314 employee hours (Tazewell)
  • Revelation Energy, LLC – S-5 Aily Branch – 74,656 employee hours (Buchanan)
  • Surface Minerals Company, 3 Pole – 72,286 employee hours (Buchanan)
  • Humphreys Enterprises Inc., No. 26 Strip – 58,076 employee hours (Wise)

Company Awards Medium Surface

  • Omega Highwall Mining, LLC, Hill Creek Highwall – 29,923 employee hours (Tazewell)
  • Alpha Highwall Mining, LLC, 78R – 28,192 employee hours (Buchanan)
  • Harold Keene Coal Company, Inc., Flat Rock Surface – 27,510 employee hours (Russell)
  • Twin State Mining Inc., HWM #2 – 26,892 employee hours (Tazewell)
  • Apex Energy Inc., No. 10  – 25,431 employee hours (Buchanan)

Company Awards Small Surface

  • Harold Keene Coal Company Inc., Flat Rock Prep Plant – 16,025 employee hours (Russell)

Individual Awards

Dickenson Russell Coal Company, LLC

                                Rex L. Hill – 34 yrs.; Alvin K. Barton – 23 yrs.;

Dominion Coal Corporation

Jerry Wilson: 42 yrs.; Monroe Stiltner: 40 yrs.; James M. Stacy: 37 yrs.;   David Helton: 34 yrs.; John Farmer: 33 yrs.; Rex A. Tiller: 33 yrs.;  Keaster Dawson: 32 yrs.; Richard E. Taylor: 32 yrs.; Eugene D. Rife: 31 yrs.; Tony K. Rife: 31 yrs.; Bana A. Willis: 31 yrs.; Gary R. Bucklen: 31 yrs.;              Delbert Charles, Jr.: 31 yrs.; Elmer W. Vandyke: 31 yrs.; Randy L. Fletcher: 30 yrs.;            Avery Stollings: 30 yrs.; Glen B. Robinett: 27 yrs.; Randall H. Taylor: 26 yrs.; Terry L. Rose: 25 yrs.;  Bobby L. Winchester: 24 yrs.; Donald C. Lord: 23 yrs.; Richard A. McCoy: 23 yrs.;    Dennis Stollings: 23 yrs.; William L. Robinette: 23 yrs.; Dennis R. Kiser: 23 yrs.; Robert  A. Randolph: 22 yrs.; Tony A. Presley: 21 yrs.;  Carl R. Blankenship: 20 yrs.

Jewell Smokeless Coal Corporation

                                Tommy Compton: 34 yrs.; Joel M. Singleton: 34 yrs.

Paramont  Coal Company

Larry D. Scott: 44 yrs; John Adams: 41 yrs; Ronald L. Slemp: 34 yrs.; Randall Roberts: 34 yrs.; Bennie Rowe: 33 yrs.; Montie Marshall: 33 yrs.; Leon A. King, Jr: 32 yrs.; Dennis R. Bolling: 32 yrs.; Charles Richardson: 31 yrs; Ben Franklin, Jr.: 31 yrs.; Samuel T. Elswick: 30 yrs.;       Lonnie D. Yates: 28 yrs.; Bobby H. Lewis: 23 yrs; Toy Tackett: 21 yrs.; Frankie D. Newsome: 20 yrs.; Marshall D. Dean: 20 yrs.; Scotty Hibbitts: 15 yrs.;  Brandon Belcher: 10 yrs.;               Jason D. Williamson – 10 yrs.

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