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Man walks across America and makes a stop in Bluefield


BLUEFIELD (WVVA) – A California man stops by Bluefield Wednesday on his journey across America.

Dr. Jim Buckley, a teaching pastor at Newbury Park First Christian Church in California starting walking across country on April 1, 2013. He said, "I thought it was a strange idea at first, but I realized I think it came from the Lord, and I came back to my wife while we were staying with one of our sons, and I said, I think God wants me to walk across America, and she said, can I go?"

2,500 miles later, Buckley entered Bluefield.

Buckley's wife, Glenda drives an RV, reading maps, finding places to spend the night, and finding food and gas. She says, "I look at the maps and try to find the best roads, which is a challenge sometimes. I mean sometimes roads just aren't that safe."

Together, the Buckley's say the want to invite America home. Jim says, "I am intent on walking, inviting Jesus into homes, where a relationship with Jesus not only saves, but changes lives, and contributes to building the church.   As hearts in homes grow with Jesus living in that home, the church will be full of strong believers, reaching lives and other homes that need help and hope."

Buckley's goal is to reach New York City by October. Glenda says, "That's the city of the voice of the nation, you know they listen to New York and we felt like we have something we want to say to people, and we don't know what opportunities are going to be there to say it, but that is the city where voices can be heard."

Once in New York, the couple plans to reunite with their family and walk across the George Washington Bridge, together.

Jim Buckley says he hopes all the people he has come in contact with over this entire journey will take home one thing. "One thing that I hope and pray that viewers and people that we have talked to will take away from this is, there is hope in any situation. There is hope and they can have faith that help is on the way if they just turn towards the Lord in their life."

You can follow Jim's journey by going to his website at

His site allows you to see where Jim currently is, how many miles he has walked, and more about his personal story.

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