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Mercer County Board of Education discusses up-coming school year

 MERCER (WVVA) – The Mercer County Board of Education met Tuesday night, its last meeting before the start of the new school year.

On the agenda: grading policies, personnel procedures and a second reading of the counties core beliefs and mission statement. Members of the board also discussed the purchase of computers and the new common core teaching method.

"Students are going to see more active types of learning in the classroom," stated Superintendent, Deborah Akers, "We are looking forward to implementing concepts from the common core."

According to, "The Common Core State Standards focus on core conceptual understandings and procedures starting in the early grades, thus enabling teachers to take the time needed to teach core concepts and procedures well—and to give students the opportunity to master them."

President of the Mercer County Board of Education, Greg Prudich says, "I think one of the things students will notice is more dedication to the work; more expectations. We want children to do more, to work harder and we are going to expect that when they come through the door."

Students will be walking through those doors on Thursday, August 15, 2013 for their first day.

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