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A New State of the Art Facility for Oakvale Elementary School

OAKVALE (WVVA)- A new Oakvale Elementary School will soon become a reality. 

 The construction has been going on since last June and is expected to be finished by February.

 Mercer County Board Member Tom Broyles says the two facilities are incomparable.  He says the new facility will be very up to date and modern.  "They have a computer room here they have a media room here, you know everything and a state of the art kitchen."

 The Facility will have a variety of new features such as the latest technology and security equipment.  These technologies are to help the students learn and to keep the children and faculty safe. 

 Sherry Hill, Oakvale Elementary Secretary says she can't wait for the new building to open, "I think we are all excited.  We just can't wait until we can get into the new building."

 The 6-million dollar project has been two years in the making.  The money came from the School Building Authority.  The gym will be the only part of the old building that will remain in use after the construction is finished.    

The students will remain in classes in the old building as they did in the last school year. 


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