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Neighborhood watch, a crime deterrent in Raleigh Co.

SHADY SPRING (WVVA) -- A local neighborhood watch has put their residents on a code red alert.

The neighborhood watch in Shady Spring started about a year ago.  Break-ins per month were in the double digits back then.  Earlier this year they were able to help bring those numbers down to just two one month, but now they're back on the rise.

Some community members have dedicated their lives to minimizing crime in their area and have learned some tricks along the way. 

"They don't want a house that's really lit up because they can be seen," says Ken Buck, a member of the Shady Spring neighborhood watch.  "And they don't want a house that's got animals around there because all they do is start barking and wake everybody else up, so then there's a lost cause there too."

"We're going to try to put the heat on these thugs and thieves that we're watching you, we actually know who you are in our communities, and you're being monitored whether you know it or not," says Von Moye, the administrator for the Shady Spring neighborhood watch.

This neighborhood watch has 1000 active members in Shady Spring and surrounding areas.

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