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Mercer County Schools Proposed Policy

MERCER (WVVA) – A new proposed policy regulating how students and teachers use technology is being reviewed.

The Mercer County Board of Education recently had a first reading of a new proposed policy and made the policy available on their web site for review and public comment.

"It reiterates a policy we have always had in place that employees should refrain from closed-door conferences or meetings or any kind of session without another professional present or without direct visibility," said Kellan Sarles, Public Information Specialist for Mercer County Schools.

While Assistant Superintendent, Rick Ball added, "We removed the employee guidelines from the policy and put them into the employee code of conduct."

We spoke with students in the county and they tell us, they believe this proposal is positive, "Technology can be a good thing for students if used in the right way," says Zach Green.

To review the policy, click the following link  

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