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Grandparent angry over summer basketball league


PRINCETON, W. Va (WVVA)-- Some parents in Princeton are fired up over a summer basketball league in Princeton.

It's a "bring your own team" league, meaning most teams sign up together. Those who do not sign up with a particular team are assigned one.

Delma Harden, whose grandson plays in the league, claims many coaches use these rules to stack their teams, leaving the less experienced or perhaps less-desired players out.

"He questions himself right before a game.... she said. "[He says] I know I am going to lose but I'm not going to [let my team down]. Because he feels bad. He feels like he's the leftovers."

League organizers say it's not meant to tear kids down.  They say this particular league is different than your usual rec program, designed instead to foster competition and give younger kids a chance to play in a league that isn't specifically organized to create teams mixed with players of different skill levels.

Organizers say this has been a "build your own team" league since it began, but in the future they will make sure every player and their families understand the rules.


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