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License plate scanners play key role in Ferrante arrest


BECKLEY (WVVA) -- Dr. Robert Ferrante will soon be sent back to Pennsylvania, after his arrest in Raleigh County.  West Virginia State Police caught Ferrante's vehicle heading northbound on I-77 with a camera no bigger than a shoe box.

The cameras are called license plate scanners, or LPRs.  Ferrante's license plate was listed as wanted in the National Crime Information Center.  When his car zoomed by the LPR in Mercer County, dispatch alerted police, which led to his apprehension near Ghent.

These readers are located all around the state on major highways.  Police say the information is usually very accurate. 

"Depending on the time of day, like in the daylight, it's a crystal clear picture.  Usually dispatchers can tell you the license plate, the type of vehicle, any stickers that might be in the window.  It's a  crystal clear picture," says Cpl. M. E. Underwood with the West Virginia State Police.

Police have been able to track abducted juveniles, murder suspects, stolen vehicles and more with these tools. 

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