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Community: Football field destroyed by school board project


AVONDALE W. Va. (WVVA)- The people of a McDowell County community say they were shocked to discover that their middle school football field had been completely destroyed -- and even more surprised by the explanation they received from the school board.

Community members -- led by Sandy River Middle School football coach Dennis Roberts -- say they were upset to recently discover the topsoil from the school's football field had been completely removed to be used in renovations made by the school board to the adjoining softball field, rendering the football field useless.

When they approached the McDowell County Board of Education regarding this problem, they say they discovered that the board was responsible.

In a statement to WVVA News, McDowell County Superintendent Nelson Spencer states that $400,000 worth of renovations were made to the softball field to make it usable for the nearby high school.

Upset parents and community members gathered at the field Wednesday evening, and invited WVVA News to the meeting.

The community members argue that the board had no right to destroy the field -- which they say was built by community members.

"I've got probably anywhere from 300 to 500 parents that are very upset that helped do this as a community, and they're not real happy with what's going on right now," Roberts said.

Superintendent Spencer continues in his statement to WVVA that the fields are school board property and arrangements have been made for the River View Middle School football team to play elsewhere.

Spencer added that his intentions are not to exclude anyone, and that if someone has a problem, he wants to work it out.

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