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Bluefield, Va., debates golf cart ordinance

BLUEFIELD, Va. (WVVA) - A proposed golf cart ordinance was the topic at a public hearing in Bluefield, Va., Tuesday.

The ordinance would allow licensed drivers to drive their golf carts on public roads with a speed limit of 25 miles per hour or less provided they meet certain safety requirements.

These include having seat belts, head lights and brake lights, auto insurance and a slow-moving vehicle sticker.

The ordinance was met with some opposition from those who believe golf carts are not safe enough to be on the road.

Others say that safety is the number one priority of the ordinance, and it will benefit the community.

"I want to get this ordinance to where it's safe for everybody," Councilman Donnie Linkous said. "And I'm not against the kids. They can ride with their parents. They will have seatbelts, and it can be a friendly, fun thing."

A vote on the ordinance could come as early as the next town council meeting-- which is scheduled for the second week of August.

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