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Brick Row apartments demolished in Hinton


HINTON, W. Va (WVVA)-- Crews have finished demolishing a row of houses in Hinton known as "Brick Row."

This comes after the homes were destroyed earlier this year in a fire. Now most of the structure is a pile of wood and brick covering the ground.

But what's next for the property? It now stands empty. 

Crews were crews were out Monday getting up the last of the metal and wood from the rubble.

Some in the community want to see more than just those piles of bricks on the ground.

As they came together to support the fire victims who once lived in these homes, now residents hope they will be able to do it again... But this time, to fill the emptiness left behind.

Art Drysdale says he wants to begin a community garden.

"I want to see the community come together to create something other than just a pile of rubble," he said. "The way it sits right now, they knocked the buildings down and it's just bricks."

Mary Lou Kreves says Brick Row was there for so long that it's strange to see the lot empty.

"It was sort of a landmark... and it was sad in a way to see it gone," she said.

Only one of the homes remains, and it should be torn down soon as well.

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