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Military men and women have a large presence at Boy Scout Jamboree

MOUNT HOPE (WVVA) -- You may know that West Virginia is one of the states with the most veterans per capita, but what you may not know is that there are 1300 additional military men and women at the Boy Scouts Jamboree.

They serve numerous roles -- medical assistance, guidance, security, educational opportunities -- the list goes on. 

For scouts interested in learning more about what it takes to be in the military, Freedom Field and the Military Annex are the places to be.  Every branch of the military has exhibits and representatives on hand.

"Army, they go everywhere. Same with Marines.  They're more ground force, and then the Air Force is obviously air," says Christian Bordak-Roseman, a Star Scout from New Jersey learning about the armed forces.  "[Everyone] has different values and different everything, but they all have the same common brotherhood."

A lot of the Boy Scout values like mental skills, physical agility, teamwork and leadership overlap with the military too. 

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