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2013 Tazewell Fiddlers Convention results


TAZEWELL (WVVA) - Following are the complete competition results from this year's Tazewell County Fiddlers' Convention, held last weekend at the Tazewell County Fairgrounds.

11th Annual Tazewell County Old Time & Bluegrass Fiddlers' Convention 2013




Youth                                      Tatum Beck                                                    1st

                                                Joe Bevins                                                      2nd

                                                Madeline Jarrett                                            3rd

                                                Ivy Jo Hart                                                     4th



Folk Song                               Phil Bevins                                                    1st

                                                Eddie Ogle                                                      2nd

                                                Dale Elswick                                                  3rd

                                                Harold Dotson                                                4th

                                                Joe Bevins                                                      5th


Guitar                                     Steve Lewis                                                    1st

                                                Josh Raines                                                    2nd

                                                Rick Hall                                                        3rd

                                                Nathan Sykes                                                 4th

                                                Glenn Craver                                                 5th


Mandolin                                Matt Stacy                                                     1st

                                                Hunter Walker                                               2nd

                                                Jared Sweet                                                    3rd

                                                Rick Hall                                                        4th

                                                LeRoy Long                                                   5th


Dobro                                      Eddie Marrs                                                   1st

                                                George Watkins                                             2nd

                                                Adrian Sheets                                     3rd

                                                Mike Hankins                                                4th


Harmonica                              Tommy Taylor                                                1st

                                                Eddie Ogle                                                      2nd

                                                Robie Castle                                                  3rd


Dulcimer                                 Hunter Mullins                                               1st

                                                David Parks                                                   2nd

                                                LeRoy Long                                                   3rd



Bass                                        David Chrisley                                               1st

                                                Jamie Stacy                                                    2nd


Autoharp                                 Judy Sipes                                                      1st

                                                Kay Bevins                                                     2nd


Fiddle & Banjo Duet              Ron Mullennex & Jerry Correll                   1st

                                                Gary Holmgren & Bill Kunz              2nd

                                                Stuart Light & Tina Liza Jones                     3rd

                                                Phil & Joe Bevins                                          4th

                                                Robert Davis & Shawn Terrell                     5th


Old Time Banjo                      Ron Mullennex                                              1st

                                                Shawn Terrell                                     2nd

                                                Steve Kruger                                                  3rd

                                                Gary Holmgren                                              4th

                                                Tina Liza Jones                                              5th


Bluegrass Banjo                     Steve Lewis                                                    1st

                                                David Chrisley                                               2nd

                                                Mike Mullins                                                 3rd

                                                Rita Hunt                                                        4th

                                                Steve Chrisley                                                5th


Old Time Fiddle                     Steve Kruger                                                  1st

                                                Betty Vornbrock                                            2nd

                        `                       Kilby Spencer                                     3rd

                                                Jerry Correll                                                  4th

                                                Helen White                                                   5th


Bluegrass Fiddle                    Kilby Spencer                                     1st

                                                Stuart Light                                                    2nd

                                                Dewey Long                                                   3rd

                                                Eddie Marrs                                                   4th


Old Time Band                       Jeffersonville Skirmish Band                        1st

                                                Crooked Road Ramblers                              2nd

                                                Tower Street String Band                              3rd

                                                Blue Floyd                                                      4th

                                                Reed Island Rounders                                   5th


Bluegrass Band                      Bad Ridge                                                      1st

                                                Blue Rockin' Grass                                       2nd

                                                Special Delivery                                             3rd

                                                Second Generation                                        4th

                                                Clinch River Gospel Grass                           5th


Dance – Male                                    LeRoy Long                                                   1st

                                                Robert Wilcox                                                2nd

                                                Donald Hess                                                   3rd

                                                Manuel Collins                                               4th

                                                Robie Castle                                                  5th


Dance – Female                     Kay Bevins                                                     1st

                                                Thelma Powers                                               2nd

                                                Kathleen O'Connell                                       3rd

                                                Susan Taylor                                                  4th


Dance – Youth                        Audrey Davis                                                 1st

                                                Dana Pilkins                                                   2nd

                                                Kat Bevins                                                     3rd

                                                Madeline Jarrett                                            4th



Best All Around Performer               Tommy Taylor

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