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DUI Simulator for New Drivers

TAZEWELL (WVVA) – Students across the county experienced how dangerous drunk driving can be in a DUI simulator on the parking lot of Tazewell High School, Friday morning.

 A golf cart, goggles and a course were awaiting driver's education students from Graham, Tazewell and Richlands.

"What we do is, we give them a class on drunk driving, and the repercussions of drunk driving," says Officer Mark Nash of the Tazewell Police Department, "We bring them out here to the course and let them put on the drunk goggles and let them do a course like that."

Students say this changed their outlook on drinking and driving. "You may not realize it now, but when you're out on the road doing it, it makes you change your perspective on life," said Brittany Davis.

Officer Dewitt Cooper says it's important for young drivers to have this experience, "I think it's real important because these kids are getting the idea that it's unsafe, they are hitting these cones and their also having a little fun too."

This driver's education course also showed students videos of accidents caused by drunk drivers and personal stories from those affected.

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