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Police in VA, WV on the lookout for illegal fireworks


BLUEFIELD (WVVA)-- As the 4th of July rolls around again, police ask you to leave the airborne fireworks displays to the professionals.

While smaller fireworks like snakes and sparklers may be legal, "rockets" or any fireworks that shoot up into the air are illegal in both Virginia and West Virginia.

That means roadside stands can not sell them, and people at home can't have them or use them.

Police say they are bombarded with calls about illegal fireworks this time of year.

Major Harold Heatley with the Tazewell County Sheriff's Office said, "If we are responding to this inordinate amount of fireworks calls, it takes away from those calls where we need to be for accidents, for domestic violence."

He added that Tazewell County's 911 center received hundreds of calls from families inquiring about July 4th events throughout the area. That, he said, is not the purpose of calling 911, either by the emergency or even the non-emergency line.

"That just ties up the line," he said, citing that these calls keep the 911 operators from handling important incidents.

WVVA has a list of all the fireworks shows in the area on our website. You can also email us at news@wvva.com if you know of one we are missing.

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