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Gun maker bypasses WV because of Manchin's gun proposal

A major firearms maker is not setting up shop in West Virginia.

The reason they say is Senator Joe Manchin.

Legislators and other West Virginia officials had invited Beretta USA to relocate from neighboring Maryland.

The company objects to gun control proposals in that state.

A company spokesperson cites concerns with Manchin's proposal to expand gun buyer background checks.  Read Beretta's letter at the left of this page.

Manchin is calling Beretta's response a shameful, deceptive and disingenuous attempt to score political points, adding the company is distorting his proposal.

Friday evening Senator Manchin released this response:
"I reached out to Beretta to encourage them to consider relocating to West Virginia from Maryland, a state that just signed into law some so the most restrictive gun laws in the country, and cited our great workforce  and state's strong commitment to the 2nd Amendment. Beretta decided to respond with a political letter and a disingenuous excuse that attempted to distort my commonsense approach to requiring criminal and mental background checks at gun shows and online. I believe that my legislation, which an independent poll just showed that seventy-five percent of West Virginians agree with, is a reasonable approach that in no way infringes on our right to bear arms. It's shameful that Beretta, who seems to have no intention of moving from one of the most gun restrictive states in the country, is deceiving the great people of West Virginia in attempting to score a political point.  While I am a proud owner of two Beretta shotguns, I'm truly disappointed in this cheap political shot their management has taken."
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