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Greenbrier Co. commission votes on controversial Animal Control issue


LEWISBURG, W. Va (WVVA)- Greenbrier County is advertising for a new part-time animal control officer.

This comes after the commission met Tuesday to decide whether or not to close Greenbrier County's Animal Control department and transfer the duties to the Sheriff's Office..

Animal Control is currently manned by only one person every day. The commission's goal was to save money on overtime and eliminate scheduling concerns.

Sheriff Jan Cahill said at the meeting that deputies are too busy with their other work to take it on.

Angry citizens also attended the meeting in support of keeping the Animal Control department alive and separate from the Sheriff's Office.

Mercedes Weikle, who lives in Lewisburg, attended the meeting to show her support for continuing the Animal Control department.

"They shouldn't be expected to watch after the dogs," she said of the sheriff's deputies. "I mean, what are they supposed to do? Go take care of a viscous dog or a stray dog while someone is being murdered down the street? That is not right. No, they need to leave the position of the animal control officer alone."

During the meeting, the commission decided unanimously to begin advertising for a new part-time animal control officer to work weekends. That person will be trained for the position.

They have not yet addressed how much that will cost the county or whether there is a budget for the job.

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