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Flooding concerns consume a Raleigh Co. town

MABSCOTT (WVVA) -- Heavy rains have been flooding some parts of the two Virginias, and for some areas, the clean-up is far from over.

Raleigh County was hit especially hard.  In Mabscott, one of the lowest elevations in the county, some residents saw water more than three feet high.

The mayor, Wayne Houck, says all of the water that comes from the commercial area on Harper Road, drains into Mabscott.  That was especially problematic Monday night and Tuesday during the day. 

"A bulletin came out that it was going to hit Mabscott, MacArthur, and Beaver.  Within 20 minutes it came," says Houck.  "It's one of the hardest storms I've seen in probably years."

White Stick Creek overflowed, flooding about 25 homes and 10 businesses along the stretch. 

Residents say it's up to the Raleigh County Commission to clean out the creek regularly, which according to them, hasn't been done in four years.

"We 're going to get in touch with a core of engineers, the department of natural resources, and after the water subsides and goes down, we're going to try and get a permit and get in there and dredge the creek that goes down through there," says Dave Tolliver, president of the Raleigh County Commission.

There is no time table on when they will be able to get a permit.

In the meantime, the mayor encourages residents to stay out of the water as much of it is contaminated from sewage. 

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