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Flood waters plague parts of Raleigh Co.

SOPHIA (WVVA) -- Heavy rain brought flooding to parts of Raleigh County.  One street in Sophia got hit hard.  Even though the downpour only lasted for about 30 minutes, residents say the clean-up will take days.

Off Riffle Street in the heart of Sophia, several structures, including the fire station, flooded around lunch time Thursday.

Fire crews and residents estimate there was about 5 ft. of flood water in the basement of one home.  They say it comes from a creek called Trip-C and additional run off.

Residents are upset because the creek is supposed to be cleaned out every year to prevent this from happening, but they say it hasn't been cleaned out for the past seven.

Fire crews cleared out early Thursday evening, but it'll take residents weeks to get their homes and yards back to how they were. 

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