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One man's trash is another man's exercise: local man, dedicated to cleaning up his city


OAK HILL (WVVA) – Most of us have been guilty of it at some point in time, whether it's dropping a gum wrapper on the ground or leaving a water bottle behind.  For 73-year-old Marvin Cooper of Oak Hill though, he's on a mission.

A few years ago, Cooper was caught littering, dropping a bit of an ice cream sandwich on the ground.  When he returned home, he felt bad about it, grabbed a bag and started picking up litter around the city.  He's been doing it ever since.

Marvin wants no praise though.  He says at his age, with his ailments, it gets him out and about.

"I walk out here every day.  It's the best form of exercise there is," says Cooper.  "It's fun for me, it's fun, I enjoy it… Most [of the] time I got my little CD player going, you know, and so I play my music and keep on moving."

If you're inspired by Cooper's work to do a little bit of clean up in your community, you can pick up one of the trash claws at a store like Wal-Mart.  He says they're about $10.

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