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What should you do if a bear is in your yard?

Mercer County (WVVA) -- Residence from various parts of the two Virginias have reported finding bears in their neighborhoods. 

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says you are likely to see black bears this time of year because they are looking for food. Trash, pet food, and compost piles will attract bears to your neighborhood.

Most bear nuisances can be curbed by simply storing your garbage and pet food in a shed, garage, or by simply taking your trash to the dump more frequently.


If you see a bear in your yard, don't approach it, but let it know that you are there. 
"Bear attacks on people are extremely rare," says Bear Biologist Bill Bassinger. "Make the bear aware that you are there by blowing a car horn, shouting at it, or something like that."

If you feel that the bear is causing an immediate threat you can call 911 and officers will handle the situation.


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