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UPDATE: Rescued bear cub arrives at wildlife center

Photo by Rachel Lucas Photo by Rachel Lucas

WAYNESBORO Va. (WVVA) - A bear cub that was saved from a dog attack in the Abbs Valley area of Tazewell County has arrived at his temporary home -- a Virginia wildlife center.

Amanda Nicholson of the Wildlife Center of Virginia tells WVVA News the cub -- officially identified as #13-1044 -- was admitted to the facility this morning and underwent a physical examination. No injuries were found.

"He seems to be in good shape and is currently our smallest cub," Nicholson said.

The Tazewell County cub is in good company. The center is currently caring for 13 other cubs.

The cub will be kept inside while undergoing further examinations. He will be given formula three times a day.

The small cub was saved from a dog attack at an Abbs Valley residence Tuesday evening. He was picked up by a conservation officer and bear biologist on Wednesday, who brought him by WVVA for a brief visit before his transport to the rehabilitation facility. 

You can follow the cub's progress at this link: http://wildlifecenter.org/critter-corner/current-patients/black-bear-cub-13-1044


ABBS VALLEY (WVVA) - A young member of the region's bear population found himself in need of rescue Wednesday after an attack by dogs in Tazewell County.

Residents in Abbs Valley were able to get the dogs off the bear, then contacted authorities.

The rescued cub accompanied Bill Bassinger, bear biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and Tazewell County Conservation Officer George Shupe during a visit to WVVA Studios in Bluefield.

The bear will be taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center in Waynesboro, Va.

The above cell phone video of Bassinger holding the cub was taken in the WVVA parking lot. Bassinger and Shupe advise residents to avoid contact with any bear encountered in the wild.

There have been multiple reports of bear sightings in the area this year -- including at WVVA's Bluefield location.

One viewer from Bluefield, Va., has submitted several photos of a black bear visiting her backyard in recent weeks. You can view that photo slideshow by clicking here.

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