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Welcome to Parris Island Pt. 1: Caroline Bach reports

PARRIS ISLAND, SC (WVVA) -- In early May, a WVVA crew traveled to Parris Island with a group of West Virginia educators to learn what it takes to make a U.S. Marine.

The journey started before off the bus.  Drill instructors put our crew and educators through some of the drills real recruits go through.

"Without getting into the mindset of a recruit for just half a morning... If they're in that mindset, then they can understand it and start to get it more," says Staff Sgt. Deniece Newton, a Charleston, WV native.

"We were all on that bus scared to death," says Mike Davis, a member of the Wyoming County Board of Education.  "We were literally shaking in our boots, and as it continued throughout the day it only got worse."

As the day progressed, we had the chance to catch up with a recruit from Kanawha County, Caleb Evans.

"The toughest thing [is] being away from family.  Everything else just falls into place," says Evans.  "If you're not strong enough to carry on with stuff here, you got your fellow recruits to push you on, and if you can't learn your knowledge, your drill instructors will make sure you learn."

The Marines assured the educators that the experience comes full circle as they would progress through their training, just as the recruits go through their's. 

Keep it with WVVA for part two of the series, coming up Tuesday on WVVA News at 6 p.m.





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