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Farmers in Greenbrier Co. learn about conservation

ASBURY, W. Va (WVVA)-- Local farmers learn how they can save money while helping preserve the environment.

Guests attended a farm tour at Stone Meadow Farms in Asbury, Greenbrier County, and learned changes they can make while managing their farm to better conserve resources.

Farmers said using natural water supplies and fertilizers can help them save money while also keeping the environment healthy.

Dr. John Tomlinson, owner of Stone Meadow Farms, said these changes can be cost-effective.

"Some of the basic changes that we make are... watching cattle behavior, changing watering practices, watching our grasses," he said. "It doesn't necessarily have to be an out-of-pocket expense."

Tomlinson went on to say that the better job farmers take care of their grasses and cattle, the better their product is and the more they can produce.

"We increase our bottom line," he said.

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