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Mercer Board approves 2013-14 school calendar

PRINCETON, WV, May 15, 2013:  During last night's meeting at the MCTEC Seminar Center, the Mercer County Board of Education approved the calendar for the 2013-2014 school year.  The start date for teachers will be August 12th .  Students will report for classes on August 15th.

Although schools will start earlier than in previous years, they will also finish earlier – with the last required instructional day for students on May 30th.  June 2 nd will be an Instructional Support Day for which students are not required to report, and June 3rd will be the day that teachers close out the year. 

Like other WV school districts, Mercer County was delayed in establishing next year's calendar because of legislation imposing a different set of rules.  Senate Bill 359 was signed into law and would have gone into effect on July 1, 2013, but was subsequently altered by another bill postponing the implementation date.   

Even prior to legislative action, however, local Board members unanimously established several parameters for the school calendar:   (1) allow the maximum number of instructional days possible before WESTEST 2; and (2) allow completion of first semester by or around Christmas. 

In April, Mercer County employees were invited to vote for one of two calendar proposals that met the Board's requirements.  A clear majority of employees chose to begin work on August 12th rather than a week earlier.  

As in previous years, employees will be compensated for 20 non-instructional days which include 7 holidays, an Election Day, 6 Outside School Environment Days, and 6 other days that districts may designate for continuing education, parent conferences, preparation for the opening/closing of school, professional meetings, or make-up days.

As per the approved calendar, students will have three days plus the weekend for Thanksgiving, and 7 days plus the weekend for Christmas.  Spring Break will occur the week before Easter --  April 14-18, 2014.

Parents may visit to see the 2013-2014 calendar.

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