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Local day report center wants to change locations

FAIRLEA, W. Va (WVVA)--A local Day Report center may be changing locations soon.

Day Report centers are community-based correctional programs.

The Greenbrier County Day Report Center in Fairlea is looking to move into a new building located nearby. Staff there said Wednesday that their office as well as offender classes are packed into a building, and a parking lot, that are just too small.

They add that the program is growing rapidly and has outgrown the space they are currently using, and they can better serve their clients and the community if they move into a new one.

"Our crime is up substantially in Greenbrier County," said Tonya Hoover, Drug Court Coordinator for the county.

"A lot of it is attributed to the substance abuse problem, which our day report offers education and treatment services for."

And with more offenders inevitably comes more assignments to the Day Report Center.

"We have outgrown the current space. We need additional group rooms. We need additional parking," Hoover said.

The Day Report Center staff hope to be in a new building within 60 days.

To find out more about the day report center in Greenbrier County and the services it provides, you can click here.

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