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Pit Bull Owners Have a Few Extra Days to Register their Dogs

BLUEFIELD (WVVA) - Just ten days before Friday, the city of Bluefield voted to adopt a new ordinance which would ban new pit bulls from the city, leaving only ten days for current pit bull owners to register their dogs.

Luckily for procrastinating owners, Chief D.M. Dillow with the Bluefield City Police Department is giving extra time to owners.

"As a courtesy of the citizens and to give people a little extra time we actually giving them ten business days," Dillow said. "So today is not the deadline, it will run through next Tuesday at 5 o'clock."

Dillow says that they have extra staff working late on Tuesday to ensure that all owners are accommodated.

Sisters Sharon and Karen Thompson registered their two pit bulls today. They say it is an easy process.

"It was easy, didn't take hardly any time at all," Thompson said.

It is free to register your dog. Dog licenses are five dollars each. Dillow says that to date, 87 owners have registered 119 pit bulls.

"It shows that we have 87 responsible pit bull owners," Dillow said.

While a slight inconvenience, owners say that in the long run it is a good idea.

"It's a good idea and will benefit the dogs. Pit bulls get a bad wrap, they are really good dogs. Its all about how you raise them. It's the owners not the dog."


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