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Manchin holds town hall in Pineville

PINEVILLE (WVVA) - Sen. Joe Manchin met with concerned citizens of Wyoming County Thursday as he conducted a town hall in Pineville.

Manchin addressed several issues with residents, including the EPA, background checks for gun purchases and the area's drug problem.

Manchin also listened to concerns from residents over the documentary recently produced about nearby Oceana and its drug problem, titled "Oxyana" -- saying it's an inaccurate representation of the county.

On the subject of drug abuse, Manchin said he has a bill that would reschedule any drug that has hyrdocodone -- which is very addictive and found in most prescription drugs.

"If the FDA schedules that from a schedule 3 to 2, it won't be as easy and as plentiful as it is on the streets today," Manchin said. "It's not going to stop drug abuse or prescription drug abuse but it would sure help curtail it from growing."

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