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Flamingos flock to Greenbrier County

LEWISBURG, W. Va (WVVA)-- Flamingos are flocking in Lewisburg.

... At least, plastic ones are. They are showing up in front yards overnight.

Organizers say it's all for a good cause. The Lewisburg United Methodist Church's youth group is collecting money to "flock" homes in the county.

It's $30 to send a flock to someone you know, and $30 to remove a flock from your own front yard.

The youth told WVVA it's a fun way to raise money for their upcoming Upshur County Parish mission trip, where they will be building and repairing homes for people in need.

Amy Wyatt, one of the Flamingo Flockers, said, "It's kind of fun because the people don't know who flocked them, and they try to figure it out, and then they have to think of a person to send it off to next."

Wyatt added that it's important not to get caught during the prank. "[You have to be] sneaky about it, too!" she said.

The youth group also offers "Flocking Insurance" to protect your yard from the flamingos.

If you're interested in sending a flock to someone you know in the Greenbrier County area, you can call the Flamingo Flockers at 304-661-3595 or 304-646-2212.

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