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West Virginia K-9s, key to criminal investigations

FAYETTEVILLE (WVVA) -- Police canine units from all over West Virginia are meeting in Fayette County this week for their annual training and certification.

The Fayette County Sheriff's Department hosted the 19th meeting of all the canine units.  It's the first time hosting for the department.

The dogs are training on a number of tasks including apprehending suspects and searching for drugs.

Officers say they play a key role in their investigations.  

"They're able to use their noses, their senses that we can't use to an ability that we don't have.  And their ability to smell and detect odors that they are trained to detect are better than most machines that we can build," says Sgt. Levi Livingston, President of the West Virginia Police Canine Association.  

Their senses are especially important to high profile cases like the Boston Marathon explosion, and the war on drugs across West Virginia.

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