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Proposed dog ordinance in White Sulphur Springs angers residents

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. Va (WVVA)-- A proposed ordinance in White Sulphur Springs could mean bigger fines for owners of loud dogs.

Police Chief Bill Wallcoen describes the current ordinance: "It is against the city ordinance for the dog to repeatedly bark without anyone controlling the dog."

The new ordinance, still moving through City Council and awaiting its first reading there, would mean more strict penalties for owners who repeatedly can not keep their dogs quiet, including tougher fines.

Residents like Trista Carrington said they think it's ridiculous.

"I think it's horrible," she said. "You can't keep your dog from barking."

Carrington said she also fears the fines may be too expensive.

Wallcoen said barking dogs can be a big problem for neighbors, though, especially when people are trying to sleep.

"We get daily calls on dogs barking," he said.

These calls could also keep his officers from responding to other, more pressing incidents, he said.

Mayor Thomas Taylor said he hopes hope the new ordinance would motivate pet owners to control their dogs, and eliminate that problem.

"Hopefully, if this ordinance passes, the citizens will realize hey, I need to take care of my dog problem," he said. "Otherwise, they can pay the fine."

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