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Local Family Must Fundraise to Help their Son Walk

PRINCETON (WVVA) - A major milestone for every parent is watching their child take their first steps. One local family is still waiting to see their son walk.

Riley Lunsford is three years old. He was born eight and a half weeks early, hospitalized for his first three months of life.

Medical complications plague his early years. Born with a bi-lateral brain hemorrhage, he is diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Riley's dreams are different from most children his age - he dreams of having the ability to walk.

Mother Jessica Lunsford says it has been a painful struggle for the entire family. Riley clings to his mother, and relies on her for all of his transportation.

"He sees little kids out here running around playing and all he can do is sit there and watch."

Now the only thing standing in between Riley and living his dream is the money to do so.

Insurance has been little help for the family.

"There is hope for Riley," Jessica said. "There is a piece of equipment called a gait trainer. It works like a walker and would allow Riley to walk."

Costing almost two-thousand dollars, the family must pay out-of-pocket. Insurance will not cover the medical expense. Jessica says it is because the equipment is considered "for-home-use" and not therapy.

With already high medical expenses, Jessica says the money is hard to come by.

The family is now planning multiple fundraiser's to pay for the gait trainer.

To learn more about how to donate to the family or participate in upcoming fundraiser's contact Jessica by email at lunsfordfamily13@yahoo.com


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