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Ammunition shortage causes higher prices, hoarding

CALDWELL, W. Va (WVVA)-- A shortage of firearm ammunition has retailers, as well as local hunters and recreational shooters, worried.

WVVA spoke with retailers who said certain bullets are nearly impossible to find to stock shelves. Others, they said, are too expensive to keep in stock regularly.

They said some of their customers are buying boxes of bullets wherever and whenever they find them, but keeping the ammo instead of using it.

Talk of gun control legislation in Washington may be to blame.

Lisa Hudnall, co-owner of the L & S Pistol Range in Caldwell, said her business has been affected by the shortage.

"We've had a small decline," she said, "but that's not because [customers] don't have ammunition. They're saving what they have at home. They don't want to use it right now."

Hudnall said buying new ammunition is also tricky, as the increased demand causes the price to skyrocket.

"[Customers] don't [always] want to buy new because the price is currently going up," she said.

Ben Hersman of Hersman's Safety Products in Ronceverte said it's hard to even find bullets from distributors.

"It seems every week I'm saying this is the worst it's been," he said.

Hersman told WVVA that people on the street are finding ways to cash in on the problem, buying ammunition in bulk or from stores like Walmart and then selling it dishonestly at a much higher price.

But even prices from honest retailers can be more than expected.

"Sometimes we don't even buy bullets from our distributors because we feel the prices are too high," he said. "We aren't gauging people, but even prices from manufacturers can be high."

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