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School administrators could become substitute teachers

The West Virginia Senate has passed a bill requiring that school administrators serve as substitute teachers for three days each year.

The legislation gives exemptions to county superintendents and administrators who have never held a teaching or administrative certificate.

Existing state law declares that West Virginia faces a critical shortage of substitute teachers, especially in rural counties, but some administrators are questioning the legislation, believing lawmakers have no idea what they do.

"The word forced is what bothers me. Right now I go down in the classroom anyway and substitute when needed. As soon as you say I have to do it, then that's a different matter. I understand the only exemption is the superintendent. I want to see the central office people down here in my school substituting not expecting us to do it every time," says Deborah Marsh, Principal at Westside High School.

The bill is expected to save counties money on hiring extra substitutes.





It now heads to the House.

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