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Small towns suffer the burden of a long winter

SOPHIA (WVVA) -- The snow is especially taking a toll on small towns where workers and funds are limited.

People in the town of Sophia say they're doing their best to keep up road conditions, so people who live there have the same benefits as the larger cities.

But with salt costing the city $77 a ton, plus overtime for workers and wear and tear on equipment, funding is tight.

Not to mention, with a small staff, they're stretching their man power as far as it'll go.

"The snow gets you behind on this work because while you're doing snow work you're not getting your other work done that you should like for example asphalt, so we're going to be doing asphalt double time to catch up," says Robert Godbey, Sophia town supervisor.

According to the mayor of Sophia, Danny Barr, no plans are in place to pull money from other areas to fund this long winter yet, but it wouldn't be out of the question. They're just hoping spring will be on its way soon.

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