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Pitbull Ordinance Takes Step Back

BLUEFIELD (WVVA)--- The City of Bluefield has moved a proposed pitbull ordinance from an active item to a discussion item on their agenda for Tuesday.

City Attorney Brian Cochran says that by doing this he hopes to inform the public of the current regulations on pitbulls and strictly enforce them instead of banning the animal completely.

"Of all the pitbulls in the city, only two have been registered with the Bluefield Police Department," says Cochran.

In addition to registering the animal, owners must leash and muzzle the dogs while walking, have a dog house meeting city regulations, and various other rules.

City Manager Jim Ferguson says that if residents do not comply then they will move forward with an ordinance that will ban pitbulls that are not compliant.

The board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 6 P.M.

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