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Locals walk 100 miles before St. Patrick's Day

CALDWELL, W. Va (WVVA)-- Think you can't walk 100 miles in just over 2 months?

One local group proves, you should think again.

John Lively in Greenbrier County began the "St. Patty's Day Trudge," an event that challenges friends to each walk 100 miles between January 1st and the upcoming St. Patrick's Day.

It began with a friend working in Iraq serving the country.

"This is how he made those days go by... he and a friend ran a certain amount of miles each day," said Lively, "He and I were talking about it."

Lively said this is a great way to stay fit but also stick together. "We always celebrate St. Patty's Day... I wanted to get some comradery going."

The group keeps track of their mileage and encourages one another to reach the 100 miles using a Facebook group. It has nearly 200 members, Lively said, and it's perfect motivation.

Trudger Steve Cole said, "You can post your mileage on the group and share it... It's like 'well, hey, that guy's getting ahead of me'," he said. "It's a little competition that way, see who can reach 100 first."

Lively said the Facebook is also used to make friends or running groups. They even form teams to compete in local 5K races together, to help reach their 100-mile goal.

"It just makes it so easy," he said. "You run into people, you make plans to  take walks on the river trail, you make plans to for 5k runs that otherwise you wouldn't do. And with that many people, that many good friends and people involved, there's no way you won't finish it."

Lively says it looks like most of the participants will actually finish the trudge in time for St. Patrick's Day.

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