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Fayette Co. K-9 unit, an asset to investigations

FAYETTEVILLE (WVVA) -- Five furry friends make up the Fayette County K-9 unit.  When it comes to search and rescue operations, deputies say the dogs can do the work of five to ten officers.

"He's the best partner in the world.  He don't talk back to you.  He don't [tell] you I need to stop and eat or anything like that," says Chief Deputy Mike Fridley.

This past weekend, bloodhound K-9 Wilbur was instrumental in sniffing down a missing two-year-old boy in Hico, and their skills don't stop there.

"The two Belgium malinois and the German shepherd are duel trained.  They're trained in narcotics detection.  They're trained in apprehension and tracking," says Cpl. Shannon Morris, head of the K-9 department.  "Our black lab is trained in tracking and narcotics, and our bloodhound of course is certified in trailing.

Morris says he can't imagine the job without his four-legged partner.

"It's a lot of responsibility.  He becomes part of your family, and it's probably the most rewarding job in law enforcement in my opinion," says Morris.

Though these guys may look like your average house dog, they have a job to do.

"Their number on job is to protect their handler.  That's the number one thing; make sure the handler goes home safe," says Fridley. 

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