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Denver Foundation Helps Man with Autism Communicate

PRINCETON (WVVA)--- For the Weis family, everyday can be a struggle. 24-year-old Matt Weis suffers from Autism and is unable to communicate verbally.

"It has been pretty difficult. You have to do a lot of guessing and trying to figure things up," says Donna Weis, Matt's mom.

But today, things got a little easier thanks to the Denver Foundation, who donated an i-Pad to Matt to help him have a voice.

"The thought that we are giving this young man a way to go to his favorite restaurants and order is special," says Dreama Denver of the Denver Foundation.

"A way for him to communicate with his mom what he wants, what he needs."

Denver's son Colin also suffers from Autism and is not able to communicate verbally.

"They are similar in a lot of ways, body movement facial expressions," says Denver.

If you would like to help the Denver Foundation, you can send a check to P.O. Box 931 Princeton, WV 24740 or you can go to their website:

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