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Whitewater rafting season kicks off in W.Va.


OAK HILL (WVVA) -- What do a group of college students on spring break and West Virginia Whitewater rafting have in common?  That's the make up of the first Whitewater run of the season.

"I'm nervous.  I'm excited.  I'm an adventurous person.  I love adrenaline," says Kathie Green, a student at Ball State University, visiting Ace Adventure in Oak Hill.

Kathie's friend, Michael Webb, brought her and their group of friends on this fun, but cold, spring break trip.

For Michael, this is not the first time he's encountered cold rapids.

"I've went in 10 degree weather before and had ice on my gloves, just paddling through," he says.  "When we were all done, I had to pry my hands off the paddle."

People at Ace say even though the weather and water are cold right now, this should not determine what business will be like for the whole season.

"One thing I've learned in 30 years is that you can't tell from the beginning of the season what the rest of the season is going to be like," says Dave Bassage, Chief of Staff at Ace.

With the Boy Scout Jamboree coming this summer, this could be the biggest year yet for Ace Adventure.

"We'll be taking a whole bunch of Boy Scouts down the river.  Plus we've also noticed that we're getting a whole bunch of interest from people otherwise associated with the Boy Scouts that will be in the area during that time," says Bassage.

For Monday's rafters though, it's all about the excitement of the day.

"The fact that we're the first group out on the rapids this season is really cool.  I feel like I'm making history for this year.  It's really exciting," says Kathie. 

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