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Firefighters move forward after levy is voted down

LEWISBURG, W. Va (WVVA)-- The citizens have spoken. 68% of voters in Greenbrier County said "no" to the proposed fire levy.

It would have taxed citizens based on their taxable property, and brought in around $1.8 million to be divided between county fire departments.

Firefighters say only 14% of voters turned out for the special election last Saturday, and now they must regroup and cut non-essential responses from their workload to make up for the lack of funding wherever they can.

"Chiefs are going to take a hard look at possibly reducing their costs to compensate for workman's comp premiums," said Lewisburg fire chief Wayne Pennington.

But one thing would not change, he said.

"Die hard firefighters and volunteers, it's hard to change them. They are going to want to go out and help the citizens, we just have to take a look at costs," Penningon said.

The Greenbrier County Fire Association will meet Monday night to address the needs of the 1 departments and how they will move forward.

They are still unsure whether they will pursue the levy in the future.

For now, Pennington says they will amp up fundraising efforts and hope for extra donations and grants to come their way.

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