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Voters decide Greenbrier Co. fire levy Saturday

CLINTONVILLE, W. Va (WVVA)-- Greenbrier County residents have one last night to think about the proposed fire levy before heading out to the polls Saturday.

The proposed levy will pay for fire equipment and other resources departments need to run.

Firefighters said on Friday that much of their equipment is outdated and needs upgrading to comply with new state standards. Some departments could not afford to handle the rising operation costs and would be forced to shut down without more funds.

According to Levy fees will be based on a person's taxable property and is expected to raise over 1.8 million dollars. 

That money will be divided between the county's fifteen fire departments based on the population they serve, said Mark Kelley, Jr. of the Clintonville Volunteer Fire Department.

Some people tell WVVA they can't afford another tax, and they wish the fire departments would find another way to raise the money they need.

Others think the levy is a good idea, especially if they were to need quick fire service in the future.

Ann Davis of Lewisburg said, "Worthwhile jobs need to be paid for and I think [this is] worthwhile. We keep trying to get by by the skin of our teeth, until it's our skin [on the line.]"

Kelley Jr. said Saturday's vote will be held in each precinct at the usual polling places from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

WVVA will have the results when they come in.

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