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One Man, Two Lives: A WVVA Special Report

OAK HILL (WVVA) -- A state trooper by day and a country star by night, First Sergeant Greg Duckworth of the WV State Police and country band Taylor Made, says in order to manage both lives, he cannot let them cross paths.

"Keeping those two things separate are important to me because that's the day job and the band, but at the same note, it hasn't changed who I am at my core.  I'm still a trooper and a musician, and it's all working together," says Duckworth.

By the sounds of it, he's right.  Duckworth's group Taylor Made (with sister, Wendy, and brother, Brian) has had singles in the 40s on both the Billboard charts and Music Row.  Plus, they just accepted Music Row's "Independent Artist of the Year" award in Nashville February 26.

"We're so flattered that people across the country are listening to our music, and they're calling their radio stations and they're requesting it," says Duckworth. 

Still the question remains, how can Duckworth have passion and attention two very different careers?

"That's the challenge some days, and probably the help of family, helps me keep those things straight.  And then you know, troopers are pretty hard core, and if I've gotten my hair dyed, they're going to call me out," says Duckworth.

No matter what is next for Greg, Wendy and Brian, they say when they play together; it's all about the music, a dream they've been chasing for years. 

"Where it has gotten us to today, where it has gone in the last six or seven years is just the top of what we've been dreaming of for years, so no there's never been a moment where I've thought, no it ain't worth it.  It's always been worth it," says Brian.

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