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WVVA Exclusive: Deceased Miner's Father Speaks Out


BLUEFIELD (WVVA)--- Almost two weeks after his son was killed in a mining accident, Troy Finney recalls hearing the news for the first time.

"I opened the door and there were State Police officers and these guys from Affinity," recalls Finney.

"And they come in and told me... My son had been killed. I just didn't know what to say. I couldn't believe it."

The Finneys are a coal mining family in a mining area. But it is something that Troy did not necessarily want to see his son do.

"I said Edward you better think twice, because coal is a dangerous job. He said he knows it is but he loves mining coal," Troy said.

Edward's brother David believes that too much pressure is being put on some miners, particularly at non-union mines.

"These non-union mines have come in here, and all they're thinking about is getting a ton of coal out no matter what," says David Finney.

David hopes that the deaths over the past two weeks at the Affinity mine sheds some light on miner safety and that changes will be made.

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