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Movie and a meal date, a boost for local business

You know what they say -- that's amore.

"We've been together 41 years," says Carlos Painter of him and his wife, Marilyn.  "What better way to be together?"

People like the Painters have been boosting Beckley business on Valentine's Day, making the classic dinner and movie date a real money maker for the local economy.

"It's really good [for business], because a lot of times people don't go out," says Ann Croom, owner of Pasquale's Italian Restaurant in Beckley.  "They will go out [for] that special Valentine's occasion... If they've never dined with us before, it's their first time, you want to impress them, so they'll come back on that day that it's not special."

Pasquales is expecting at least 300 people Valentine's Day night, which is nearly triple the amount of business they have on a typical winter Thursday.

With date movies like "Safe Haven" opening especially for Valentine's Day, Marquee Cinemas says the whole weekend should be an all around success.

"When there's two of them coming in, you know what they're going to watch," says Bill Favorite, General Manager of Marquee Cinemas.  "Every once in awhile though, they may convince them to watch Die Hard."

"We love the Die Hard movies.  What better way to spend Valentine's Day?" says Marilyn Painter.

The Painters admit though, it's not about what they do, but who they spend their time with this Valentine's Day.

"It's all about family.  It's all about love," says Marilyn. 

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